About the Artist

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As an artist I work at creating my paintings that speak both to me and to others about the beauty that exists.
I can look at a scene in nature or an interesting old woman and have to tell my own story about it. My watercolor paintings allow me to show light, shadow and the rich blending of color to make my story come alive.

I have always had an interest for art, especially growing up around my Dad who was also an artist. I learned to draw well as a young girl. I was fascinated by portraits so I sketched from magazines and even the mirror. My art teacher in high school would tell us, "If you can draw portraits you can draw anything." This evolved into a love for watercolor painting. The way the colors blend softly together and techniques of texture you can only achieve in the watercolor medium.

Walking down an old cobblestone street in Austria with the flowers in bloom I see the scene in my mind and how it will become a painting. The design of the image may not be good but as an artist I can take the things that are working and leave out the things that don't work. I've always believed that when you become an artist you see things in an extra dimension. You learn how to really see the world around you as you study shape, color and light. I always work with at least three photos in my studio as I design the work so it will be unique and not just a copy of the original photo.
As I was hiking with a friend on a mountain trail near Banff in the Alberta Canada Rockies I turned around to see a view of raging water that would be beautiful to paint. I stopped to study the shapes and color as well as the sound the water made. At times I'll make a quick sketch right there and then with the fifty photos taken I can't wait to get back to my studio and start my painting.

  • Landscapes

  • Portraits

  • Floral

  • Buildings

  • Animals

  • Antique cars and trucks


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