Carmel Mission Painting

I have to start off by saying that I’m an artist not so much a writer. So this is a bit out of my comfort zone.

Painting is way in my comfort zone. So this will be a blog about things I might be working on, new techniques I’m trying and my favorite giving you a chance to watch the process of my painting.

So a few months ago I was chatting with my 15 yr old grand daughter Jade. I was showing her all my watercolor ideas and my updated website. She said grandma! you need to make a video of yourself doing a watercolor painting. My reply was I don’t think anyone will hang around for four or five hours to watch it. So Jade proceeded to show me the process of a time lapse video, so a painting that takes between 4 to 5 hours now magically can be viewed in three minutes flat! Who knew?  Adding some catchy music in the background was a nice touch as well.  So the here it is my first of many videos to come. 

Carmel Mission in California.

1- I started with a wood panel that I mounted Arches watercolor paper to. (I’ll be doing a future video of that process) 

2- Then I made a light sketch without any real detail. 

3- Next I brushed in water over the sky and let it dry a bit then dropped in the sky color letting it fuze into the water.

4- I like to get the bright colors of greenery and flowers in next so they don’t get mixed into other colors. We don’t want any muddy color!

5- Just kept on layering more color and detail in between drying and “Walah” you have a finished painting of the old mission in Carmel, California! 


Another recent painting of the mission in Tucson Arizona, the San Xavier

I’d love to here any comments you have or feel free to ask questions in the space below.